"Bye, babe!" Harry shouted from the kitchen of the loft. Caris was going out with it only being about 4 days till Christmas. Their deal was Harry would cook dinner (his dinner’s were apparently ‘amazing’) and she’d buy gifts. 

20 minutes had past when he heard footsteps up the front cement steps, and a jostle of the doorknob. He figured it was Caris, so he darted from the couch where he was watching ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, to the kitchen to act like he’d been working hard.

"Mmmm smells good!" Said the voice in the other room. Harry’s face muscles tensed up. He felt every hair on his body stand up. He spun around. "Whatcha’ makin’ Care?" The cheery voice said reaching closer to where he was. He stood in the doorway of the kitchen watching her flippy brown hair whip around. She whirled around. Her innocent faced turned completely pale. Unexpected rage filled his body. He’d been searching for her all week, only to find out she had a boyfriend and fall in love with her best friend. Now she was back and looking as stunning as ever. Terribly incredible. Wonderfully wrong. He was mad because he still loved her.


Her big brown eyes met Harry’s and gave him a sympathetic look. "Harry why are you here?" she whispered. 

He looked at the floor as he walked to the couch sitting down and putting his face in his hands. “I came for you.” He said under her muffled mouth. He looked at the ceiling with puffy red eyes. “I came to find you. To find the person I thought I couldn’t live without.” He looked at her. She clutched her purse in both hands, biting her bottom lip which always meant she was holding back tears. “The girl I loved so much it hurt.” He breathed out. “I thought just maybe that girl would have some kind of explanation for leaving me.” He told her as if she wasn’t the girl. He got up and walked up to her. “When I’d find her, I’d tell her how much I loved her. How much I want things to go back to how they used to be.” The words hung in the air. Complete silence filled the room and Harry could hear his heart beat in his ears. 

Piper rimmed the outline of his jaw ever so lightly with her pointer finger. “Do you want to know what I’d tell him?” His watery eyes looked into hers. “I’d tell him she wasn’t worth it. I’d tell him that there’s alot of better people out there and she wasn’t one of them.” He stared at the floor, his curls hanging over his face.

She’d left him almost a year ago because she was scared. They had their whole future planned out. They were only teenagers and everything was already set in stone. She loved him with every inch of her body. That was why she had to save him from this. But ‘this’ was happening. She was a runaway but she couldn’t runaway from her problems.  ”I’d tell him to let her go.”

Harry looked up at her with red rims around his beautiful blue green eyes. They changed color when he cried.

"Just let me go." 

She wiped away a tear. 

"Hey, Har." Piper said in a heartbreaking cheery tone. "Remember when I cried right before my big scene in the 8th grade play?" Tears continued to roll down her cheeks. "I ran back stage and you were there. You gave me a hug and told me I could do anything I wanted if I set my mind to it." She looked dreamily into the distance. "You said, "Forget everybody else! You’re amazing." Piper attempted Harry’s deep voice and started to laugh lightly. He cracked a tiny smile. 

"You are amazing. Forget everybody else." She said tears brimming her eyes again. Piper broke away and headed for the door.

"I’m dating Caris." Harry said. Piper took a while to turn around. When she finally did she walked up to Harry and kissed him on the cheek.