December 22, 2012

Caris returned home from her 3 hour shift. It was around 2 in the afternoon. The loft was empty. Harry was probably at rehearsals. It still surprised her how much time they gave the boys off from it all. He had 3 days off so far. He went back to his usual busy schedule at New Years. She couldn’t think about that now though. They decided to live in the moment. Cross the hill when they got to it. 

She entered her room, taking off her jacket and throwing it on her bed. Something buzzed under it. There was a screen that lit up. A phone? Not Piper’s. Plus, Caris’ phone was clutched in her hand.

She lifted up her jacket. There lied a familiar black iPhone with a tiny crack on the right hand corner. 

She picked the phone up from the bedspread. She breathed in. No. You will not be on of those over protective nosy girl friends. The lit screen taunted her. She gave in, laying on her bed with a pillow resting under chin.

"Merry Christmas, darling. Wish we could all be together." It was a text for his mom, Anne. 

Although, the text wasn’t what caught her eye. It was the background. 

Oh my God. 

How could she have forgotten. She remembered the first encounter she’d every had with Harry. When he ran from the shop’s kitchen, he left his phone for her to uncover the mysterious picture of Piper as his background. Instead this time, it was a pair of brunettes kissing. Caris had a pretty good feeling she knew who they were. 


After 2 outfit changes, one uneaten batch of freshly baked cookies, a tumblr reblog, and a few spins in her desk chair later, Caris decided to find out. She threw on her teal scarf and her favorite winter jacket and head out the front door. 

Harry had said his rehearsals always centered on 42nd street, also known as Times Square. She had tried to hail a cab but none were stopping for her. The harsh wind tossed her around like a rag doll. The air was absolutely freezing and the sky was pale grey. He extremely bubbly joyful mood was beginning to be destroyed by this horrible weather. 

As she entered Times Square, passing American Eagle Outfitters and a huge billboard of a naked Rihanna, a huge gust of wind hit her. She nuzzled her chin into her scarf and looked at the ground as she walked forcefully forward. 

Without realizing where she was going she bumped into the side of an white hair fat man in a big red suit surrounded by children. 

"I’m so sorry, sir." She apologized, feeling horrible. "No trouble at all, Miss." He reminded her of her grandfather, She realized her was from Samaritans Purse. She fished into her pocket and gave him $6 dollars in tips she had received a few hours ago at the shop. His cheeks turned red as his face light up. "Merry Christmas and may God bless you." She reached out and touched his shoulder. "Merry Christmas." She smiled feeling a familiar wonderful fairytale like warm feeling. 

She turned smiling, heading back towards the center of the square. What she saw next made her smile disintegrate.

The problems with fairytales is that they set a girl up for disappointment. In real life, the Prince goes off with the wrong Princess. Her eyes widened at a live stream on the jumbo-tron of a brown haired couple passionately kissing in an alley. Her surroundings became defeaningly loud. She spun around a numerous number of times looking for the couple. This couldn’t be happening. Not after what almost happened last night with her and Harry. 

She wanted to run back to that jolly old man on the corner and ask for her problems to go away this Christmas. Maybe even for Piper to disappear.

Merry Christmas, Caris.